5 Common Winter Beauty Problems, Solved!

Winter is perhaps the most anticipated season by most of us. Who wouldn’t love winter when it brings about the festive Holiday spirit and the beautiful white color of nature brings a cool and cozy feeling? However, though winter is all about beautiful things, there are some things that we dread about winter.

Winter also brings several skin and beauty problems. This is not so cool when you are getting ready to go to parties and family reunions. So to help you, here are some of the most common beauty problems which we can find simple solutions. Take a look at them.

Avoid Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips during winter are a very common problem that most of us are facing. It is frustrating and chapped lips are such a big turn-off.

Prevention is better than the cure, so make sure you always keep your lips hydrated with water. Commonly, people will lick their lips to hydrate them. But it is actually a bad idea because it will just make the lips drier. Saliva contains amylase and maltase. These are digestive enzymes that can make the lips thin which can make them susceptible to dry air and eventually leading to dry and chapped lips.

If you think your lips are getting dryer, you can also apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to prevent dry air in drying the lips.

Puffy and Tired Eyes

Winter can also be harmful to the eyes, especially in the thin layer of skin just under the eyes. To help relieve dark, puffy and tired eyes, you can use natural eye cream. You also need to drink plenty of water and have a regular exercise to boost blood circulation to brighten your eyes.

Damaged Locks

Our skin in not only the problem during winter, our hair suffers as well. If you think summer is the harshest season for your hair, well, winter can also bring several hair problems like dullness, breakage and flaky and dry scalp.

But how do you protect your hair from these damages? Don’t shampoo your hair every day but do not miss using conditioner daily. This will allow natural oil to moisturize your hair. Also, let you hair dry naturally and do not go outside while your hair is wet. Brush your hair just enough not to make it thin and fragile.

Dry And Scaly Skin

The reduced humidity and raised temperature can wreak havoc to your skin. Oftentimes, the winter skin is dry, scaly and sometimes itchy. This is usually referred as the “winter itch”.

Winter itch could be avoided by moisturizing and hydrating your skin every day. Drink plenty of water and avoid heading outside without cover-ups because the dry air can easily damage your skin’s surface.

Pale Complexion

Most of us do not want pail skin. But pale skin usually occurs during winter. It is because the freezing temperatures and shorter days make us lose our summer glow. To brighten up your complexion, a good choice of makeup can help you bring back such glow. Choose bright colors to brighten up your color.

Stop worrying about winter and instead enjoy the cold breeze that it brings. If you are having one or more of this skin care and beauty problems, follow the tips mentioned above to get rid of this pesky skin problems. Also do not forget to apply body applicator wraps to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

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