Skin And Body Issues And Their Health Implications

Do you experience some uncommon changes in your skin and body? Are these changes bringing you pain or discomfort or are they often unnoticeable? Oftentimes, we seek medical help for any abnormalities in the body that can cause us pain or inconvenience and we often neglect changes that we think are harmless.

However, there are some unnoticeable changes in our skin and body which are symptoms of serious health implications and there are some which are normal and we have nothings to worry about. Let’s find out some common skin and body problems and their health implications.

White Spots On Nails

Have you notice white spots on your nails? Well, these tiny white spots on the nails are called “Leukonychia”. Commonly known as milk spots, people often associate this to lack of nutrition, specifically the lack of vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Calcium or Protein. While there is some truth to it, it does not commonly cause by such.

Unless it is frequently experienced, it is commonly caused by minor nail injuries. When the base of the nail, also called as the matrix, gets injured, it can cause the appearance of white spots. There is no treatment for white spots. Growing them out is the best way to remove them.

Unexplained Bruises

Unexplained bruises in your body can be caused by several health issues and this is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Bruises are the body’s response when the blood vessel is damaged and the blood leaks into the surrounding tissue. Bruises usually appear when an area of the body bumps into hard objects which can damage the blood vessels. However, there are some causes of bruises aside from injury which we should not ignore.

Common causes if bruises aside from injury are aging, deficiency in nutrients like Iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and etc., bleeding disorders and other complicated health disorders. If you are constantly experiencing bruises even if you have not bumped into something, it is very important that you seek medical attention.

Dry And Flaky Skin

Dry and flaky skin is an embarrassing skin problem that we like to avoid. There are many reasons why we are experiencing such skin issues. It can be because of skin diseases like eczema, allergies, and other skin diseases. To alleviate skin dryness, we have to address the root of the problem. Unless it is inherited, skin problems happen because of improper hygiene, lack of skin nourishing nutrients such as Omega-3 fats, dehydration, and others.

Proper skin care practices should be performed to alleviate the problem. Always stay clean and avoid harmful external factors like free radicals, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water to hydrate and nourish the skin and the body overall.

Flickering Movements Under The Skin

The tiny flickering movements under the skin oftentimes can bring us a weird feeling. These tiny movements also called as “Fasciculations” are spontaneous contractions which affect a number of muscle fibers. People oftentimes mistook this muscle twitching as a symptom of ALS or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. But before we jump to this conclusion, we have to be aware that almost everyone experience fasciculations and only a few of them are symptoms of ALS.

Those people who love to drink coffee, suffer too much stress and who do not have enough sleep are also prone to fasciculations. Also, over-exertion and dehydration can cause muscle twitching. Unless it is accompanied by muscle weakness, you have nothing to worry about. A simple change in lifestyle, getting enough rest and drinking lots of water can relieve fasciculations. Immediately seek medical help if you notice fasciculations getting worse or if it is accompanied by signs of progressive muscle weakness.

There are changes in the body which are normal while there are some that needs serious medical attention. Whenever, we encounter some unexplainable changes on the skin or other parts of the body, it is crucial to seek help of medical experts to know whether it needs medication or treatment or it will just go away. Furthermore, it is also vital that we practice healthy habits to avoid these changes. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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