Little-Known Habits That Kickstart Your Brain Function

Generally speaking, the brain is for thinking. This is the one organ in the body that allows us to think, understand, analyze and make decisions. How the brain process information is quite complicated to understand for average individuals. You can compare it to how a computer works in processing information. The higher the RAM, the better is its processing power. However, unlike computers, improving your brain function is not as simple as increasing your Random Access Memory.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt to changes. Ever wonder why and how we can absorb learnings, information, and memories? It is because the brain has a unique ability to adapt to changes. As we experience new things, the brain works to alter the existing connections and make way for new neural pathways.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s natural power and with your help you can help harness this power which can eventually improve your brain’s ability to learn new things and to store memories.

Let’s check out these not-so-known ways you can help fuel your brain’s neuroplasticity ability.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Do you feel that you lack zest in your life? Do you often lack energy in performing your task? Do you feel like breaking down? Maybe you just lack motivation.

When we are motivated, we become productive and focus which can help us process learnings and store experiences and memories better. It is the one that helps us to focus in our goals and trigger us to plan ahead in order to reach objectives.

Keeping yourself motivated does not need to be complicated. Basically, motivation is fueled by self-confidence. It is believed that self-confidence boost Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is strongly associated to motivation.

To boost your confidence, you don’t need to resort to unhealthy ways. Start living the healthy way and you will begin believing to yourself.

Cultivate A Positive Outlook In Life

Having a positive attitude does not only help you get along with other pretty well but it can also improve your thinking abilities. A positive attitude can help you increase creativity, focus and productivity. With a positive attitude, it is easy to find the balance between emotions and logic thus makes you a better thinker.

As human beings, we are easily distracted with so many things. It can be tempting to worry in other things, but distractions are not good for the brain. When you are distracted, it can be a little difficult to absorb and store new knowledge and you are not putting your brain’s neuroplasticity ability at work well. And because you are you are learning less, this can also affect your productivity.

A positive attitude is simply looking at the brighter side of things. You are confronted with challenges; try to look for the good it can give to you. Challenges are just a way to harness and improve your skill. Try to see the opportunity behind every trials face.

Don’t Let Stress Get Into You

It is normal for any person to feel stress and it can be experienced in different symptoms. With the hectic schedule and the demands in life, stress will always be there to challenge you. What is important is that you never let stress consume you.

Stress is perhaps the brain’s public enemy #1. Stress eats a lot of your mental energy and when it does, it means you will never have enough energy for other more important things in your life. Letting stress get into you will waste a lot of your valuable time for more important things. Stress limits you for further learnings and expanded knowledge.

There are studies which show that reducing stress can improve brain function. When you are less-stress, your muscles are relaxed and it allows the oxygen to be distributed all throughout the body including the brain. Our brain needs oxygen to function properly.

Learn to master the techniques to reduce stress. There is actually no quick fix to relieve stress, but there is definitely simple ways how. Mindful meditation, exercise, and your hobbies are some of them.

Give Yourself A Break

Oftentimes, when we want to improve our way of thinking, we think of ways on how we can put our brain to work. A study shows that putting our mind to rest can actually replenish the lost mental energy and can even increase its volume.

Listen to your brain well, when you feel like you are mentally drained and you find it difficult to concentrate in whatever you do, it might be because your brain what take a break. At some point in your life, you need to have some time to relaxed and stop thinking of stressful things. Taking quick breaks can actually improve one’s ability to concentrate in his/her tasks for a longer period of time. It is also believed that when a person gets a brief break, he’s productivity also improves.

Be Of Service To Others

Human are naturally born to socialize and connect with one another and according to research, joining in any groups, clubs or association can actually be good to the brain.

Socializing and building a relationship with other people are brain stimulants. It is known to improve memory. Furthermore, according to Harvard School of Public Health, people who have less active social life have a greater chance of memory loss than those people who have active social lives.


The average human brain is consists of 86 billion neurons and each of these neurons communicates to each other by means of neurotransmitters. Pragmatically-speaking, the key in improving your brain function is to improve the way how these neurotransmitters build connections to one another. Exercise and diet are not the only ways you can improve your brain power. Our behavior and perception about life also have a great impact on our brain functions. So pay attention in what you do and make efforts doing activities that can help you have a better brain.

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